Andrew Jackson
By Avery and Jaylan


Number of kids 3 kids
Date of birth: March 15 1767
Wife's name: Rachel Jackson
Married: In August 1791
Date of Death: June 8 1845

Early Life

Orphan at the age 4.He studied reading, grammar, and geography when he was sent to a boarding school
when he moved to Tennessee. He got a injured hand in a war. He is a from a poor Ireland couple, and was one of the few presidents born and grew up in an log cabin.He was captured by the British.He studied law.He became state of Tennessee.


He was an army general. Also he became a wealthy lawyer. He also made money by selling land. He married Rachel Jackson in August 1791. The married couple did not have any children so they adopted one. He was nick named Old Hickory. He became a American soldier and statesmen.He left the army to become a Representative.Later, he ran for president.He adopted 3 children Theodore,Andrew Jackson Jr, and Lyncoya.


While Andrew Jackson was president he lived well and ate very fancy food. He also became a soldier at age 61. Also, there was a nullification crisis while he was president. Another important event that occurs while he was president is that the opening of land in the west sped up the Westward movement. He was the first president in history to ride a train. He was also part of another war while he was president, World War 1. He went threw hard times after his wife died. Andrew Jackson fired many federal officials.Over 100,000 immigrants came to America every year. He persuaded congress to pass a new force bill. He provided for the removal of the tribes to the land west of the Mississippi river.He signs the Indian removal act.

After Presidency

After he retired from presidency in 1837. Andrew Jackson still stood erect, and still had interest in politics. Andrew Jackson established a pattern that future canidents for presidency tried to copy. When he retired he threw a well organized democratic party. An environmental disaster occurred. Andrew Jackson past away in 1845.