Andrew Johnson
By Scarlett and Jeremy


Date of birth: December 29 1808
Wife's name: Eliza McCardle
Number of children: 5
Birthplace: Raleigh, North Carolina

Early Life

His father was a handyman in a tavern. His mother was a maid in a tavern. His father died when he was three years old. His parents' names were Jacob Johnson, and Mary McDonough Johnson. Andrew Johnson had two older bothers. When Johnson was thirteen he apprenticed his mother as a tailor. He was know from having bad behavior as a kid. When he was fifteen he ran away to Tennessee. Then he later settled in Greenfield ,Tennessee.


In 1827 May,17th he was married to Eliza McCardle. In 1843 he was elected for the U.S House of Representatives. He won the first of five terms in 1843. Johnson was the military governer of Tennessee through 1853-1857. In 1853 he was elected governer of Tennessee. He was also elected U.S senator 1857.


Andrew Johnson was a racest president. His plan was criticized during vice presidency. In June 1866 he appointed the 14th amendment. Johnson became president when Abraham Lincoln died. Johnson cared very much about the coming together of the states. Meanwhile during the civil war all the southern states were ruined. The house of repersatives tried to impeach Johnson. One of his repersatives saved him. Johnson vetoed many bills. In the end was impeached.

After Presidency

He ran for U.S senate again, but lost. Ran for House of Representatives and lost a popular election. He won another U.S Senate election.He died in Carter Station Tennessee. He was buried in Greenfield, Tennessee. People decorated his desk with bouquets of flowers.