Benjamin Harrison

By Camari and Katherine


Date of Birth: August 20,1833
Birthplace: NorthBend, Ohio.
1883-1893. He served eight years as president.[a.k.a 2 terms]

Early Life:

Benjamin Harrison's grandfather was president for one month, but died of pneumonia. His great grandfather signed the declaration of independence. Benjamin was born
on a farm in North Bend, Ohio with his 9 siblings. He attended farmers college, but graduated from Miami University. When he was growing up he lived in Indiana.


He was in the war and so was his father.His position was a union army commander, and he served from 1862 to 1865. His first wife was Caroline Lavinia Scott. Whom he married on October 20,1853. They had 2 children. In 1857 he became a city attorney for Indianapolis.


He was the 23rd president.He made over 100 speeches. In his presidency he did a lot for the American flag. He even ordered every single school in the U.S. to have an American flag in front of the building. He also extended the civil service law .Harrison's vice-president was Levi P. Morton.
He served for eight years.
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