Calvin Coolidge
By Gabrielle and Korinne


Date of Birth: July 4, 1872
Birthplace: Plymouth Notch, Vermont
Parents:Victoria Moor and John Coolidge
Sibling(s): (1) Abigail Coolidge
Spouse: Grace Anna Goodhue
Children: (2) John and Calvin Coolidge

Early Life
Calvin Coolidge was borne to Victoria Moor and John Coolidge on the 4th of July! His real name was John Calvin Coolidge, but his parents and peers called him Cal. He soon dropped the name "John" and became Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge was nicknamed silent Cal for his quiet, tender, and thoughtful behavior. Coolidge migrated from England with his family in 1630. As a child, Calvin helped with farm chores. Unfortunately when he was 12, his mother died along with his sister who died from appendicitis. Coolidge attended Black River Academy at 13 years old.

Calvin Coolidge attended Amherst College in 1891 where he got his latin degree. He studied law at Hammond and Field in Massachusetts and passed the bar in 1897. It was was around this time when he began engaging into politics. Coolidge opened a law office in Northampton and even joined city hall. Calvin Coolidge married Grace Anna Goodhue. Then Calvin was elected representative later he was elected mayor of Northhampton,Massachusets. During the time of his government, Calvin helped with the Boston Police Strike in 1919. The Boston Police Strike was when Police officers strike or wouldn't go to work. This made the streets of Boston very dangerous and full of criminals. Calvin Coolidge fired the strikers and hired new police officers who would protect the streets of Boston. After he was elected he was sure he would be elected for senate and surly he was. Next he ran for governor and he was elected govoner, He was govoner for a while until he wanted a promotion to be vice president. It was a close one, but he won all because of hard work and dedication.Three years later he was sworn into presidency in 1923 due to the death of the prior president Warren G. Harding.

Calvin entered the White House in 1923 with his wife Grace Goodhue and children, John and Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge was in the Republican Party. He had a reputation of being wise and having common sense. Calvin became known as the sixth vise president to become president after a death of a chief executive. Calvin was quiet, but honesty in his personality seemed to be just what our country needed at the time. By clearing up the scales and showing support for businesses, the economy had thrived, this period of prosperity became known as the roring twenties. Other things Coolidge did while in the office was cutting taxes. He also vetoed bills to give direct government relief to struggling farmers. "The chief business of the American people is business." was one of Calvin's quotes. He talked daily on television about what his plans were.

After presidency:
Calvin Coolidge felt that after all his hard work and accomplishments, he had done enough. So he left after 2 terms of presidency. Calvin Coolidge retired back to Massachusetts where he wrote biographies and enjoyed going out on his boat. Unfortunately when he did a while later he died January 5, 1933 in Northampton,Masachusets. Why was this president one of the most honorable presidents you ask? Well he was the most quiet president, but also had a way to communicate to the people of our country. Now thats something!

Here are some exciting facts:

*Calvin was the only presedent born on Independence Day.
*He had the nickname red for his red hair.
*He found out that presedent Harding had died at his family's home.
*Calvin died from a sudden heart attack.
*Calvin was not a fan of his successor Harding.
*He signed an Indian citizenship act, which gave the U.S citizen rights to all Native Americans.
*He was the first president to appear in a Talkie (a movie with sound).

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