Chester Arthur

By Chloe P and Will


Date of Birth: October 5, 1829
Date of Presidency: September 20, 1881
Siblings: 6 sisters and 3 brothers
Wife: Ellon Lewis Herndon
Children: 2 sons and 1 daughter
Birth place: Fairfield Vermont.
Date of death:1886 Nov 18.

Early Life

Chester Arthur had 3 brothers and 6 sisters. He graduated at Union College in Schenectady, New York. He was a good student and was interested in politics. He got in a political battle when he was 14 years old. His dad was a teacher and a baptist minister. His father was a immigrant from Ireland. Since his dad was a preacher he and his family moved a lot. He was named after Chester Abell, the doctor who assisted his mom at his birth.


Chester Arthurs Eldest son died at 2 and a half years. He was a collector of the New York custom house, but he was removed after he ruined it! He was a defender of civil rights. His wife Ellon Lewis Herndon passed away 10 months before her husband, Chester, was elected Vice President. Later he was part of the New York city law firm. People loved his honesty. He was nicknamed the ' Gentleman Boss' and ' Elegant Arthur' because of his love of clothing and facial hair. He served in the civil war as a quartermaster organizing supplies and provisions. Chester Arthur was a teacher and a lawyer. He was in the civil war.


Many people were shocked that he became president. He made lots of new ships for the navy. He became president after James A. Garfield was shot and killed. Chester Arthur had an illness called brights disease and kept it a secret. His 2 closest allies were charged with fraud. He served as president 1881-1885. Chester worked in funding for Indian education. During his presidency Chester accidentally gave some Indian land away. Chester Arthur was the 21st president. He did not run for presidency the 2nd time because of his disease. He was ranked somewhere in the middle of U.S Presidency. Chester Arthur did not have an impressive presidency. His sister Mary A. McElroy worked as his hostess during his presidency. He redid the white house.

After Presidency

He returned to New York, his health steadily declined, and soon he died of cerebral hemorrhage( Brights disease). Chester Arthur died November 18, 1886. He was 56 when he passed away. He was buried beside his wife in Albany, New York. Chester Arthur wanted to raise giant pumpkins, but died before he could complete his dreams.

Fun Facts

Chester Arthur loved to fish and was good at it. He owned 80 pairs of pants. " I may be president, but my private life is nobody's business" said Chester Arthur. He loved fancy clothes and facial hair. He didn't have any pets.