Franklin Pierce
By Malik Jackson and Charles Burks

Date of Birth: Nov. 23 1804

Birth place: New Hampshire

Wife: Jane Means Appleton

Contributions: Brigader General

Age of Death: 65

Age of Election: 48

Early Life:
He was raised on the family farm on New Hampshire and followed the military tradition of his family. His father served in American Revolution.Had 7 siblings. Went to 3 different schools. Went to Bowdoin college. Ranked up in his class once graduated. Received early education. Franklin joined literary and political clubs. Pierce won a seat in the United States House of Representatives. Nicknamed young hickory.
Adult Hood:
Franklin married Jane Means Appleton in 1834. Franklin Pierce won a seat in the U.S House of Representatives. 2 of 3 sons died in their early childhood. Was elected to the U.S senate. In 1829 he got elected to legislature.Was nicknamed purse.Was a brigadier general. Pierce opens law office. Was in the State Legislature. Was a officer in Mexican-American war.

Presidency: He was the first president to present his address from memory his speech was over 3,000 words long and he used no notes or references.Pierce resumed law practice. Pierce was involved in a fatal train accident. His son was decapitated. Pierce was ok with slavery. Pierce supported the Kansas-Nebraska act. Pierce started the cilvil war. He had a few small wins. He was denied renomination. Pierce bought the Gadsden Purchase. Enforced Fugitive Slave act.Pierice was depressed.

After Presidency: Franklin Priece and his wife weren't in good health after his retirement. Franklin Priece died on october 18 1819. Franklin Priece was buried the old north cemetery. His leadership failed to conquer.Franklin prince wasn't the best president.

Fun Fact:
Franklin Priece would be 213 years old this year.