Grover Cleveland
By Parker and Sophia


Date of Birth: March 18, 1837
Characteristics: Very honest
Children: (5) Ruth, Esther, Marion, Richard, and Francis.
Death Day: June 24, 1908
Death Place: Princeton, New Jersey

Early Life

Grover's father was a minister. His family only had little money. Grover's first job was when he was only 14 years old! He was 16 years old when his dad had passed away, so it was up to him and his brothers to take care of their mother and his sisters.They had very little money and moved around a lot. Cleveland worked in a blind school. He also started his own law firm in 1862. Cleveland paid a polish immigrant to serve in the American Civil War for him.


These are some of his jobs. When he was 17 years old he got a job as a lawyer. Then, when Grover was 25 years old he was a sheriff. When he was 45 years old he was the governor of New York. On his first presidency term he was elected president with 25,685 votes; he was known as veto president because he said "NO" to lots of things. Cleveland worked for the Robert Firm for 3 years. Cleveland entered politics as a hard worker. He was elected mayor in 1881, and was nominated governor in1882. Cleveland killed a bill that would've lowered street car fares in New York City. That caused a big problem. When Cleveland was sheriff the county had to hang two convicted murderers. No sheriff would ever do it, but Cleveland did, he even sprung the traps himself.


He was the only president who served two terms not together.
He married Frances Folsom who was the daughter of his law partner who had passed away. He was not very much liked during presidency. Cleveland's sister Rose acted like she was his hostess. A lot of democrats nominated Cleveland for President. Cleveland ordered members of the cabinet to eliminate abuses and extravagances in their departments. Cleveland also had many concerns during presidency but one of his gravest concerns were labor problems. Labor groups struck at the McCormick Plant in Chicago. That is what led to the bloody Haymarket riot. Cleveland vetoed any bill that gave special treatment to anyone. He became the first elected democratic president in 30 years. He served as the 22nd and the 24th U.S. president. He lost the election 1888 to his republican foe Benjamin Harrison.

After Presidency

Cleveland spent his last couple years in before passing in Princeton, New Jersey. Cleveland worked at Princeton University. Just how Cleveland wasn't liked during presidency; Cleveland didn't like the university president. Cleveland wrote magazine articles about when he was president.Clevelands last words were '' I have tried so hard to do right''. He became a trustee of Princeton University. His daughter died in 1904. His friends could tell that it changed him. Cleveland also served on many corporate boards. Cleveland played around with the stock market as well. He was 71 years old when he died.

Fun Facts

Cleveland posted some of his lectures at the university. His relatives nick named him Uncle Jumbo. He changed his name at a young age. When Cleveland was 17 he was supposed to go to Ohio, but he went to Buffalo, New York. Clevelands real name was Stephan. He was also the second heaviest president. His first career was a teacher. Cleveland won second election in the popular vote. Cleveland was the only president to serve 2 discontinuous terms. He died off of a heart attack.