James Madison

By Matthew and Justin M


Date of Birth: 1751

State :Virginia

Graduated: 1771

4th President

Wife: Dolley Payne

Brothers and Sisters :12

Death: June 28 1836

Buried: Near Montpelier

Early Life

He entered the college of New Jersey crow Princeton University. He was the oldest child. He was born in the home of his mother's parent on March 16 1751. He completed the course in 2 years. He studied with Donald Robertson. He graduated in 1771.


He helped in American Revolution. His friend of Thomas Jefferson. He work at the secretary of state. He work at the convention won him great respect. He entered the college of New Jersey and completed the regular course at the college in 2 years. Robertson taught him grammar, arithmetic, algebra, geography, French, Italia , Latin, and some Greek.


Firmly he said to fight in the war. He had trade issues. British troops burned the capital the White House and other building. He was elected in 1808 in orange county, Virginia.UK or France attack U.S ships, the U.S would stop trading.He halted trade with the UK. French blockade against American shipping.The British were stirring up Indians tonight American in the west. He emerged as one of most prominent members of the 1st congress.

After presidency

He look after Jefferson's reputation when Jefferson died.He elected president. He was running mate was George Clinton.Madison wrote"Is tat the Union of the states be cherished and perpetual tea .Ley the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her lock opened; and the disguise ones the serpent creeping with his deadly wiles in paradise".He was elected president again. A war broke out against the Navy could not break.In 1814 American force fought the British to stand still.September 1814, American forces stopped an invasion of British troops. During the early of Madison presidency Dolley hosted parties.Madison was not ready for occupancy until nine month after he left office in 1817.He died at Montpelier on June 28, 1836. Dolley lived
until her death in 1849. The Madison are buried in a family plot by Montpelier.

Fun Fact

He was known as more than a founding father.Both of Madison vice presidents died in office. He was best friends with Thomas Jefferson.Madison was on the 5,000 dollar bill.He was the first president to where pants.He wrote George Washington inaugural address.Madison was the last surviving signer of the Constitution. Despite his other paternal titles.He was the shortest president ever.

Famous Quotes

"Liberty may be endangered the abuse of liberty but also by abuse of power." " If men wrangles no government would be necessary." " What is government itself but the greatest of all reflection on human nature." " The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted." The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money."

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