James Monroe
By Ryan and Solomon


Date of Birth: April 23 1758
Died: July 4 1831
Mother: Elizabeth Jones Monroe
Siblings: 4 bothers 1 girl (eldest)
Birthplace: Westmoreland county, Virginia
Wife: Elizabeth Kortight

Early Life

5 siblings 4 brothers 1 sister. Mother, Elizabeth Jones.He was a teen revolution. His father,colonel Spence Monroe, came from a Scottish family that had settled in Virginia in the mid 1600's.His paternal great grandfather Patrick Andrew Monroe emigrated to America from Scotland in the mid 17th century.In 165 he patented a large tract of land in Washington parish West. He was homeschooled until he was twelve and he went to college at eighteen, he went to school at Parson Archibald Campbell.At age eleven,Monroe was enrolled in alone school in the county.Monroe attended this school for a eleven weeks a year, as his labor was needed on a farm.


He dropped out of college to fight in the Revolutionary War he also held the flag in the war. He had 40 years of public service.


Monroe became president after more than 40 years of public service.The British had burned the white house during the war of 1812.On New Year's Day 1818 president and Mrs.Monroe held a public reopening of the White House. Monroe presided quietly during a period known as " the era of good feeling". Monroe sent General Andrew Jackson on a military expedition into Florida that resulted in the acquisition of Florida from Spain.Monroe was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1782. After serving on Virginias executive council, he was elected to the congress of the confederation in November 1783 and served in Annapolis until congress convened in Trenton new Jersey in June 1784.

After Presidency

Monroe retired to Oak Hill. His estate near Leesburg, Virginia.


james monroe