James Polk

By Lilly and Kaitlin

Date of Birth: Nov.2,1795
Career: Polatition
Elected: 1844
Votes: 40,000
Date of Death: June 15, 1848

Early Life

James Polk was born in Pineville, North Carolina. He is the son of Samuel Polk and Jane Knox Polk. James was a small boy. He was an unhealthy child. James was the oldest of ten children. Studied in the Zion Church in Maury, North Carolina. Graduated at top of his class in 1818. James moved after he graduated they moved to Tennessee.He had a very harsh up bringing. His father was very strict.


James was 14 when he was elected in Congress he was the youngest member. He had a nickname"young hickory". James was one of the first seven Consecutive. James Knox Polk married Sarah Childress on January 1, 1824. He was elected to the house of representatives in 1825.In 1835 he was elected to be speaker of the House. In 1839 James Knox Polk became the Governor of Tennessee. James was a spectator for three years .


Polk was 49 when he was elected to be the president. He was nominated in Baltimore, Maryland. James got 2/3 of the votes .He was held informal Presidency. Then,James led the Mexican - American war. Also during his presidency, Polk reaffirmed and extended the Monroe Doctrine in a special message to Congress. His V.P. ( Vice President) was George Dallas. He served as president for 4 years in 1845 - 1849. James Knox Polk also managed a significant land acquisition. Also Polk reduced tarrifs in an effort to stimulate trade. The U.S. Naval Academy,The Smithsonian, and The Department of Interior Design were developed during Polk's presidency. Texas became the 28th state of the United States on December 29.

After Presidency

James left presidency in 1848 then, he moved back to Nashville Tennessee. Guess what James has a building named after him. He lived in the Polk place. Can you believe that?! After he was president he got the nickname white haired Polk. The sad thing is James died one month after he retired. He died of Cholera. James died on June 15th,1849. He was buried in the city of Nashville.

Fun Facts:

  • Did you all know that James Knox Polk was named after his mother's father, who was a captain in the Revolutionary War.
  • Did you know, even though Polk was often confined, he still worked hard as president. Polk died a few months after leaving office.
  • Did you know that James owned a horse. She was all white with a gray tail.