John Adams

By: Kaylyn and Jada


DOB: October 30, 1735
Year and age when president: 61yrs, 1797-1801
Name of wife: Abigail Adams (Smith)
Date when died: July 4, 1826
State: Massachusetts
Adams has 6 children

Early Life

John Adams graduated from Harvard College at twenty years of age. Then taught school for a short time. He was one of the best scholars in his class. He studied law in the office of James Putnam. He began law practice in Braintree in 1758. He grew up in the English colony of Massachusetts Bay. Adams was an intelligent boy. Adams grew up with two other siblings named Peter and Elihu.


Adams took a leading part in the opposite British colonial policies in America. Adams practiced law in Boston. He worked on The Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson. He was a strong advocate of independence of America. Adams also worked on The Treaty of Paris. He was also a founding father of the constitution. John Adams married Abigail Adams, and stayed together for 53 years.John Adams was also the first president not to have owned slaves.


Adams was the first Vice President. He lost to Thomas Jefferson in 1800. He couldn't count on the support of his party or cabinet. Adams was the first to live in the White House.The French Revolution caused many problems. Adams tried to keep out of war with the French. Adams opted for peace and kept the country out of war. He had to deal with two wars during his presidency. During his presidency the departments of Navy and Marine were established.In the last hour of Adams presidency he appointed many judges.John Adams also signed the Alien and sedition acts. Something that John Adams did to help our country was he kept us out of war with France.

After Presidency

He became devoted to his family, philosophy, and religion. He was one of the two presidents that lived beyond ninety years of age. He died the same day as Thomas Jefferson which was the 50th anniversary of the constitution. Johns last word were '' Thomas Jefferson survives" but Thomas Jefferson died hours earlier. Thomas and John died on the same day.Adams Died before his 91st birthday. Adams past away in his hometown of Braintree, Massachusetts. Shortly after Adams death his son ( John Quincy Adams) became the sixth president of the U.S.No president had lived longer than Adams, until Reagan and ford lived to be 93. John Adams was the first to suggest a U.S. millitary academy in 1776.

Fun Facts:

Adams was considered the most important Founding Father of the U.S.
Adams brother (Elihu) died during The American Revolution.
Adams was one of the two presidents who lived beyond 90 years.
Adams won the presidential election by only 3 votes.
Adams died because of Congestive Heart Failure.
Adams had no family members at his inauguration.

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