John Quincy Adams
By Robert and Jackson


Date of Birth:July 11, 1767
Death 1848
February 23, 1848 age 80 in Washington D.C.
Married: Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams
Children:George, John, Charles

Early life

John Quincy Adams was born near Boston July 11, 1767 . He was the first son of a president of the united states to also became president.Adams grew up during the time of the American Revolution He took part of the war of 1812. When John's father took him to Europe on diplomatic missions. Adams returnd to the United States after the war and enrolled in Harvard University. He graduated in 1787 and became a lawyer in Boston.


He read laws and made 11 articles. John had 4 children,and he became a minister to the Netherlands, and he was America's best ambassador, and Monroe's Secretary of State. Due to his fathers influence, adams soon became involved in government service.


He wasn't a lock for president in 1824 there were 4 candidates including Andrew Jackson. No one got enough votes to win. The house of representatives voted and chose Adams for president and the reasons they voted for Adams is the big problem and what was called a corrupt bargain Adams made Henry Clay his secretary of state to support Adams for his presidency. Adams supported Cays plan called the American System. Followers of Jackson accused Adams of promising Clay a cabinet post in return for his support. He tried to get a law passed to raise tariffs and help American businesses ,but the southern states were against it. He also tried to set up a national transportation system of roads and canals. After a few years of being president, Adams was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives

After presidency

Adams won a house seat in 1830 and helped the Anti Slavery Movement .In 1848 when he was in the house of representatives he had a stroke and died.