John Tyler
by Joshua and Jacob


Date of Birth: March 29 1790
Parent's Name: John and Mary Tyler
Place of Birth: Greenway estate Charles city county, Virginia.
Name of wife/wives: Letitia Christian Tyler, and Julia Tyler
Number of Children: 15 kids
Date of Death: January 18 1862

Early Life

John Tyler was born march 29 1790, and his parent's name where John and Mary. Also, he was born in Greenway estate, Charles city county Virginia. He also was the second child. He graduated high school at age 17. As a child he loved to play the violin and liked to go hunting. His mom died when he was 7 years old, but he was closer to his dad. His father was a Virginian politician and later became a judge.


John Tyler went to William and Mary college in 1802. He studied hard and became interested in political subjects. At age 21 John won an election to the Virginia house, of delegates. John became captain of volunteers in summer of 1813 during the war of 1812. On March 29 1813 married Letitia Christian.
He also ran for United States House of Representation. He was elected governor of Virginia. In 1840 he was elected as vice president. Also, he was William Henry Harrison's vice president. William died, a month after office and John Tyler, became the first vice president to become president, after his predecessor died.


Letitia Tyler had suffered an died from a paralytic stroke September tenth 1842. His daughter-in-law Pricilla Cooper Tyler served as White House hostess until June of that year. John Tyler was cruising on U.S.S. Princeton to watch a firing of a new naval gun, and the gun exploded killing 8 people. Including David Gardiner, a former New York City State Senator also Julia Gardiner's dad. After the explosion Julia Gardiner And John Tyler got closer. Later, John married Julia and they had seven children. John never stoped fighting congress to defend his believes. John arranged the anextensior on Texas. Later on John Tyler the resigned seat in the white house. In January 1821 because of poor health.

After Presidency

Seventy five years after office historians dealt harshly with John. John and Julia retired to Sherwood Forest, and his estate close to Charles City, Virginia in March 1844. He lived a quiet and normal life until the American Civil War. During the Civil War in 1860, John tried in vain to avert the conflict by chairing a "Peace Convention" between representatives of both northern and southern states but it failed. In November 1861 he won election to The Confederate House of Representatives. When he died January 18 1862, Washington D.C. didn't know because he was on the Confederate side of the war.