Martin Van Buren
By Taniya and Mya

Profile: Date of Birth: 1782, Dec. 5
Date of Death: 1862, July 24
Culture: Dutch
Wife: Hannah Hoes
Kids: Four sons
Year when became President: 1848

Early Life

Martin Van Buren was born in a Dutch community. Martin's mom was a widow. He was the third child out of five. Martin went to a village school. By age 14 he started to study law. At 1801 Martin moved to New York.Martin enjoyed listening to the tavern patrons as they argued Dutch language. He took part in court trial at age 15.Martin was also admitted to the bar in 1803 (He became a lawyer). Martin then moved to New York to finish his studies.


He opened a law office. Martin was elected Senate twice in 1827. Soon in 1828 Martin resigned from senate. On Feb 21st he married Hannah Hoes. Martin and Hannah had 2 tiger cubs! They had 4 sons Abraham,John,Martin JR, and Smith. Martin then became best friends with Andrew Jackson. Martin was 54 when he first ran for president and sadly lost, but he ran again and WON.This was in 1848.


Martin was a democrat, though Andrew Jackson supported him.But a few months after Martin became the 8th president, the stock markets closed.Martin served from the year 1837 to 1841, the people loved him! Although he refused to let Texas become a state because he didn't want to deal with slavery expansion, so he pushed for peace with great Britain.He set up a system of bonds to help pay for debt.Even though he continued with Jackson's policy. When he became president he had not yet had a birthday but he was 64. There were some bad times. For an example Martin went threw the worst economic collaboration. Also There were food riots and bank failures they named that time the Panic of 1837. Another bad time is when 15000 Native Americans were forced to leave their territory in a result there were 4000 deaths. This was called the Trail of Tears.

After Presidency

In 1840 Martin lost his bid for reelection. Demarcates started to support the Texas annexation. Many of his friends left him when they found out about the Texas annexation. In 1841 Hannah sadly died. New states became more divisive. Sadly when he ran for the free soil party in 1848 he sadly only got 10% of the vote and the election effectively marked the end of his political career. Although he later spent many years in Europe but he then retired his estates. He also spent most of his time with his children and grandchildren. Though he continued to argue and takeover he then died in 1862 at age 79.


Did you know that Martin was the first president born American? Did you also know that he is the only president with Dutch ancestry? I bet you didn't know he had 2 pet tiger cubs! His nickname was "Little Michigan". He struggled with economic depression. Plus he wasn't popular with the public.