Milard Fillmore
By Laurice and Jayda

Profile:13th President of the U.S.A.
Wife's Name: is Abigail Powers Filllmore
Birthplace: Morivia
Cayaga CountryNew York
Date of Death: March 8,1874
Political Parties: Whig parties, Anti-Masonic Party

Early Life

Millard Fillmore was a poor boy and cloth maker. Millard was the second child of six boys and three girls. He cleared timber with his father.
Fillmore was born into proverty in the Finger lakes area of New York state. His parents were tenant farmers during his formative years. Fillmore was one of the Presidents actually born in a log cabin in Cayaga County, part of New York's Finger Lakesregion, on January 7, 1800. He received little format education, appointing to a wool carder as a teen before switching to work in a law office.

He won vice president in 1848. 1853 his wife died. 1858 he married caroline mintosh. He won the election to the house of repusintatives in 1826 with the help of Thurlow Weed. He got his political start as an Anti-Mason. Despite his popular legend surrounding the humble origins of various politicians before and after him.

Most northerners rejected him. He lost wining the second election, millard didnt think slavery was okay.
He defeated presidential election. Defeated in bid for presidential nomination. He fought to stop slavery, but unfortunately it still went on in the south. After presidency he went back to law.
Fillmore was one of the five accidental Presidents. Fillmore attempted to reduce tensions between the North and South new land. Fillmore lost so badly in his second Presidential Election.
Fillmore supported the compromise of 1850.

After Presidency
Millard and his Family welcomed the escape from Washington after pierce's electionthey had never liked the city. Abigail Fillmore then died of a sickness. Millard Fillmore worked at the political office. He retired in Buffalo and married Caroline Mcintosha wealthy Albino widow, in early 1858.
Millard Fillmore died in Buffalo New York on March 8th 1874 he was 74 years of age, because of stroke.