Rutherford Brichard Hayes

by: Hope and Taylor


Date of Birth: Oct,4

Year born : 1822



Date Married: Dec,30

Year died:1893

Electoral Votes: 185 Hayes and 184 Tilden

Number Of Kids: 5,3Died

President Years: March 4, 1877 - March 4, 1881

Early Life

Hayes was a son of a store keeper. Hayes's dad died 2 months before Rutherford or Rud (Hayes's sibling) were born. Hayes was a champion speller in Elementary. He was the top of his class in college. He prepared for college at Norwalk,Ohio and Middle town,Connecticut. Hayes had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Hayes went to Kenyon college. Hayes enrolled into Harvard Law School.


People in Ohio nominated him for Congress. Hayes entered Harvard Law School and he graduated and was admitted to the bar (lawyer) in 1845. Hayes practiced law in Lower Sandusky. Hayes opened a law office. December 30, 1852 Hayes married Lucy Ware Webb. His children names are Rutherford, James, Sardis, Francis and Scott. Hayes's nick name was Fraudelency.
Hayes joined the Republican Party in 1849. In 1852 Hayes married a woman named Lucy Webb. He was in the American Cilvle war on the Union Side.Some of his other jobs were a U.S Representative.


He ran for presidency in 1876.He made history with winning by one electoral vote. Hayes was 54 when he was inaugurated the 19th presidency. He was nominated on ballot 7, in Cincinnati. His vice president was William A. Wheeler. Samuel J. Tilden was Hayes's opponent. The secretary of the state was William M. Euarts. While president, Hayes held the first Eater Egg Roll with has become an annual tradition.The popular vote for Hayes was 4,034,311 but, Tilden got 4,288,564.California gave Hayes 600 votes, Florida gave Hayes 400 votes, Colorado gave Hayes 300 votes, Illinois gave Hayes 210 votes.California:6 votes Colorado:3 LA:8 Neb: Kan:5 Florida:4 Oregon:3 Nevada:3 Mi:11 Ohio:22 a:13 Ri:4 Nh:5 Vt:5. Hayes served From March 4,1877 - March 4, 1881.He with drew the remains of federal forces . Democrats took over in 1878. He used veto to block the election law to discriminate against blacks.He did this to protect Sothern Blacks.His wife banned Dancing, Smoking, Alcohol, and Cardplaying from the White House.He was the first to go west.He allowed women in the courtroom.He quit after one turm.

After Presidency

A few people were sorry he didn't run for a second term. Hayes returned home and became ill. Hayes died on January 17,1893. Hayes died in Fremont, Ohio. Hayes was 71 when he died. Hayes is buried in Vermont .He wouldn't stop until he got home.He said "Nobody ever left the presidency with less regret..........then I do."After Hayes retired he spent the rest of his days working on humanitarian.

Fun Facts

Hayes did NOT serve alcohol in the white house. His wife served lemonade, earning the nickname Lemonade Lucy. After Hayes retired he spent the rest of his days working on humanitarian causes such as civil rights and education for the poor.Hayes died of a heart attack in 1893. Despite having started his presidency under the shadow of fraud, Hayes wanted to improve the government and protect the rights of all people of all races. He spent much of his efforts trying to help protect the rights of black citizens in the southern states. Most of his work, however , was blocked by the Democratic Majority Congress(DMC). Did you know President Hayes served as a General in the civil war.He started a tradition.