Theodore Roosevelt
By; Josee and Seth


Date of Birth: 10-27-1858
Birthplace:New York

Early Life

He went to Harvard. He traveled the world at the ages of 11 and 14. His mom was from Georgia and his dad is from the north. He had 2 sisters and a brother. He was born on Oct 27 1885. As a kid he was at Abraham Lincoln's funeral.


He's nicknames are teddy, TD and trust buster. He over came his asthma. He got married on Oct 22 1880. His wife died the same day as his mom. His wife died 2 days after she had their daughter. He got married twice. They got married on his 22nd birthday. He was a writer and he made 35 books or more.


He became president on October 27 1858 till January 6 1919. He was the 26th president. Somebody tried to assassinate him while he was about to deliver a speech, but his glasses case saved him. He was the youngest president. He was in the navy. He won the noble peace prize.


He died from a broken blood vessel in the brain. He was blind in one eye Because of boxing in the White House.

Fun Facts

He had a guinea pig named Father O Grady and a snake named Emily Spinach.