Thomas Jefferson
By peter and Jordan


Date of birth: April 13, 1782
Birth state: Virginia
Birth place: The Monticello
Spouse: Martha Wayles Jefferson
Terms as president: 2 terms
year of death:July 4, 1826
Number of children: 1 child


In early life his family owned and had 6 sisters. His own father died when he was 4 and he inherited 2,500 acres of land and 20 slaves. Thomas Jefferson was the oldest son, but not the eldest of all the children in the Jefferson family. He had 2 younger brothers. After his dad past away, Thomas pretty much became the leader of the house. Twelve years later he attended a college at the age of sixteen. Soon after, Thomas Jefferson's sister sadly passed away at the age of 25. Jefferson soon after became involved in political things in his years of beginning adulthood.


In his adulthood he became a lawyer, then he became governor.Then became lawmaker, and later became a revolution leader. Jefferson was a plantation owner and had slaves. During his adult hood he married a widow whom he loved, Martha Wayles Skelton and and she became his wife. Before he was elected president, Thomas Jefferson was elected vice president. Thomas Jefferson became the 2 vice president at the time when John Adams became the second president after George Washington. Before he was the third president, he had to wait to be elected by the people who were aloud to vote, and soon after in the 1800's, and later became the third president of the United States of America.


He kept a french steward and chef. The economy expanded. Peace with United Kingdom, Frances, Spain ,and Indian tribe.They practiced shaking hands.He employed an architect. They sat at a round table to make people feel important.developed ideas for addition. He cut expenses. He believed government should have role. Later on in his presidency, he worked on writing theDeclaration of Independence and became known as one of the Founding fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Taxes arouse opposition. He reserved federalist police.

Sadly Thomas Jefferson died on July 4,1826. They put put his face on the five cent coin to honor him. His statue sits on the top of Monticello. His face is on Mount Rushmore along with four other presidents who came later after him except for George Washington. Thomas Jefferson became known as one of the most remembered presidents.


Thomas Jefferson is the main author of the declaration. He served as president to 1801 to 1809. Thomas Jefferson quoted, "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom". His vice presidents were Aron Burr and George Clinton.