William Howard Taft
By Chloe S and Alexandra


Date of Birth: Sept.15 1857
Siblings: 5
Number of Kids: 3
Birth Place: Cincinnati,Ohio
1 Wive's Name: Helen Herron
Date of Death: March 8,1930
Cause of death: heart problems
where he was buried:Arlington Cemetery

Early Life

Taft was called ' Big Lub'' from his siblings because of his size. Taft and his brothers cut wood for his grandpa, and they got money for vacation. When Taft was 13 when he enrolled into Woodward High School.His father was a secretary of war when Ulysses S. Grant was president . After he finished high school William went to Harvard university, and later received a degree in law in 1880. Taft`s 2nd wife was Louise Maria Torrey Taft. Louise descended into an english family that helped settle in Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1640. Taft was the second of Alphonso Taft and the second wife, Louise Maria Torrey Taft.


When Taft was an adult he had many jobs in the world of politics. He was a governor in the Philippines, he was a soliator general , and just like his father he was a secretary of war. He also married a woman named Hellen Herron. He also became friends with president Roosevelt before he was elected president of the United States. Taft wrote this about his wife '' a women who is willing to take me as I am for better or for worse.


When Taft was 51 he was elected for president. He won against William Jennings by a score of 321-162. In the election Taft received more than millions of votes over William Jennings Bryan. He was a republican,and during his presidency he lowered tariffs, made the 16th amendment with allowed income taxes, promoted trade in Latin America, regulated the economy,and he was the first president to have a car in the white house and the last to own a cow. Roosevelt announced a job for Taft, but he rejected, and his wife and sons changed his mind. From the start Taft doubted for being president. He also believed tariff protection.Harrison appointed Taft a judge. People supported Taft and he won the nomination. Taft got votes for court for 5 years.

After Presidency

There was a blizzard in Washington.Taft talked to President Roosevelt and said our ways are different. He decided that '' complete and perfect the machinery''. Taft also refused to support the liberal Republicans. Taft left the White House in March 1913. That same year Taft was elected president of the American Bar Association. He became professor of constitutional law at Yale University. During World War 1 President Wilson appointed Taft joint chairman. In 1921 President Warren G. Harding appointed Taft chief justice of the United States. Sadly, Taft died on march 8th 1930 because of heart problems. He was also the first president buried in Arlington National Cemetary.

Fun Facts About Taft

1. Taft met his first wife at a bobsledding party.
2.Because of his size taft installed bathtub In the white house that could fit 4 men into it.
3.before he was president he worked as a part time reporter.
4.He lost 70 pounds after being president.
5. he was tone deaf and had to be tapped when they were playing the national anthem.
6. He was the last president to wear facial hair.
7. he was the first president to own a car.




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