William Mckinley
By Kennedy and Justin B


Date of Birth: January 29th, 1843, in Niles Ohio
His Wife's Name: Ida Saxton
Party: Republican

Early Life

William was born on jan,29 1843. When William was 9 years old his family moved to Poland Ohio near Youngstown. William entered a private school, the Poland seminary. When he was 17 he entered Allegheny college.


Before William became a president he joined the army and later on he went to law school and helped a judge.
1876 William was elected to U.S. house representatives. In 1891 William was elected governor of Ohio.In 1896 William was elected president of the U.S. In 1900 William was reelected president of the U.S.


His inauguration was filmed when he became president. He worked with republican control congress on protectionist economic policy. He was the 25th president.He was most know for being the president during the Spanish and American war. When he became president he focused his efforts on making the U.S a world power.On February 15, 1898 the USS Maine was sunk on an official visit to Havana. President McKinley attempted to prevent war and endeavored to persuade the Spanish government to adopt a conciliatory policy the popular demand in the U.S. for intervention.

After Presidency

Sep.6 1901 William was shot by an assassin in Buffalo N.Y.